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Wilderness First Aid

Price: $215     *Non-Profit Pricing for Scout & Youth Group Leaders – $195

Text:  “Wilderness Emergency Care” by Steve Donelan is included in the fee for participants in this 2 day WFA Class.  It is an excellent resource book and the recommended manual for this class.  If only taking the 1 day WFA-Recertification class, this book is available for purchase at $20.

Time: 16 hrs  – (Day 1 – 8 Hours, Day 2 – 8 Hours)

Certification and Credit: American Safety & Health Institute Wilderness First Aid  –  2 year Certification    This certification is accepted by the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, the American Camp Association, Philmont, and other High Adventure Programs that require Wilderness First Aid Certification.

Prerequisite: Minimum age for class is 14.  No previous medical training is required.

Description: The first day’s section covers response, care and management of serious emergencies in remote settings where emergency medical services will not be readily available (longer than 30 minutes and possibly hours). Please call us if you only want to learn this first half of the WFA Class.

This class covers the following topics:

  • Initial Preparations, First Aid Kit and PPG
  • Basic Anatomy/Physiology, Body Systems
  • Accident Scene Safety, Risk Factors
  • Assessment of Illness/Injury and Plan of Action
  • Treatment of Shock and other Medical Emergencies
  • Biological Hazards and Response
  • Environmental Hazards and Response
  • Integumentary Injuries and Care
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries and Care
  • Behavioral/Psychiatric Emergencies and Response
  • Evacuation Considerations

Please note: CPR & use of an AED are not a part of this class. We will discount the CPR class by $10.00 if taken
before or after a Wilderness Class.

The second day is a continuation of the first day and covers more advanced topics, decision-making, strategy and leadership issues, as well as, practice scenarios. The primary focus of this half is on the continuation of care in more challenging/stressful situations where professional help may be significantly delayed for many hours or even days. Many of the first aid techniques discussed should be used only as a last resort, and not in urban settings when EMS is available within minutes.

This second half of the class covers the following topics:

  • Psychological Aspects of Leadership/Strategy under Duress
  • Drinking Water Treatment and Safety
  • Advanced Patient Assessment
  • Report Writing
  • Serious Biological & Environmental Hazards and Response
  • Serious Integumentary & Musculoskeletal Injuries and Care
  • Traction Splint Options
  • Stretcher Construction & Emergency Shelter Construction
  • Advanced Evacuation Considerations

Wilderness First Aid class includes scenario practice and a performance evaluation, as well as, a written examination. Both halves of the classes are “class-room” based and intended for anybody involved in outdoor activities. Camping orientation and survival technique topics are not covered in this course.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Wilderness First Aid class or certifications.