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Are We Alone

March 8th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Community

by J. Martin Raine Okubo

I’ve been in the helping/serving profession for 20+ years. And as difficult and challenging as it’s been at times, there’s always that warm feeling after responding to some sort of emergency, knowing that I made (or, at least tried…) to make a difference. In teaching Health Education (CPR, First Aid) and Holistic Health (Reiki, EFT) classes over the years, I have heard countless stories of rescue responses… and most times, the responses were not even part of their work! It’s really good to know there are people who put themselves out there to make a difference. “Lets look out for our neighbors… our brothers and sisters.”

I’ve brought up the idea of CPR & First Aid for pets, as well as, doing Reiki & EFT treatments… and data on how effective they are. But, to my surprise, I often get responses like “why would you want to,” or “yuck…” This continues to surprise me, I must admit. Physiologically, our animal counterparts are not so different. But yet, many people in society see ourselves superior to them. Anyone have a pet? Is your dog or cat just an animal, or an integral part of the family? Do they matter? Is their well-being important? Are they easily replaceable?

I came across an article today about a man on the Iditarod who saved one of his dogs. It was very touching… the sense of loss and despair… the desparate rescue… and the joy in the aftermath. http://www.ohmidog.com/2012/03/08/iditarod-dog-revived-after-collapsing-on-trail/ What would you do if your pet was injured? Would you know what to do to rescue them? If we really want to make a difference in others’ (including pets) lives, we need to be prepared.

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