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ASHI Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine Administration

Emergency EpinephrineDescription:

This one-hour course will teach you the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and how to care for a person having a severe allergic reaction, including how to administer epinephrine using an EpiPen® as well as the Auvi‑Q™  auto injector.

Severe allergic reactions can occur in seconds, but can be alleviated if medication is available and the patient is treated quickly and correctly.  People who know they are allergic to certain substances may be prepared with an anaphylaxis kit, containing  one or  more doses of the drug epinephrine. Epinephrine can be injected into the body to counteract the anaphylactic reactions.

This class will prepare you to assist children and adults experiencing a severe allergic reaction.

Course Completion Card: An ASHI Certification is issued upon successful completion

Continuing Education (CE) for Illinois Teachers:  A maximum of 1 CPDU can be issued for this class.

Instructions to obtain a free EpiPen® Trainer will be provided to all students upon course completion.