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Verbal First Aid

Time:  Verbal First Aid can be scheduled as a 1 hour “Lunch & Learn” seminar or a 2 hour workshop

Certification & Credits: none

Description: Verbal First Aid helps participants understand that what you say to a person and how you say it can be as important as what you do for him or her in an emergency situation. When a person is afraid, injured, and upset, how we respond can help pave the way to recovery.

Verbal First Aid teaches the responder how to engage with someone in need, whether it is from a physical, medical, or psychological condition. The responder balances compassion with firm, sound decision making to set the tone for the individual to begin healing. Additionally, participants will learn how to address their own anxiety so that they can be effective.

Verbal First Aid is not meant as a replacement to medical treatment, but rather, as an adjunct technique to promote recovery. It is more than just what we say to the individual, but also, how we say it, and our demeanor.

When people are initially in crisis, a number of changes begin to occur within the body. As adrenalin is released, breathing becomes rapid, circulation speeds up, and the ability to make sound decisions is diminished.

How the individual perceives their condition has a significant impact on what takes place next. Some individuals underestimate their conditions and therefore do not seek help. Others overestimate their conditions, quickly spiraling downward into a full-blown crisis, including shock.

You will learn tools to help someone get through simple day-to-day problems and much more challenging situations.

For example:

  • You have to take a child to the hospital for a procedure
  • A friend has an anxiety attack or anger outburst
  • A co-worker hurts herself in a serious fall
  • A friend lost a loved one
  • A critically injured person who will most likely not survive